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Sliding Door Installation & Repair in West Vancouver BC

Homes with patios, balconies or decks have sliding doors that are installed for easy outdoor access of homeowners. They are simple in design and are easy to open and close while offering a beautiful view of surrounding. Over the years of use, the sliding doors need repairs or replacement either as a DIY task or a task for a professional.

Here are a few common sliding door repair needs in West Vancouver BC to consider:

1. If The Rollers are Dirty or Broken.

Sliding doors operate smoothly due to the rollers installed on either side of the door, if the door gets stuck and may be needed to push against to move, it’s likely the rollers have the obstruction or are failing because of daily wear and tear. However, dirty rollers can have different items like leaves, sticks, dirt – that usually obstructs the movement of sliding doors. They will need to be cleaned without getting stuck on the track to move again. Hence, you should need professional sliding door repair in Vancouver BC.

2. If The Door Wheels are Out of Adjustment.

If the rollers holding the sliding door go out of the track, the door will be just out of alignment. It will make it impossible to open or close until the problem is fixed. The common reason behind this is the screws holding the rollers against the track. However, they can even loose and fall out over time. In such circumstances, as a home owner you will need to screw them back in or replace the missing ones. Even, you can consider using some lubricant on the rollers to help them move smoothly.

3. If The Tracks are Bent.

The main reason behind the rollers jumping off the track is when the tracks are bent. They can be either bent inward or outwards and can prevent the door from moving all the way on the track. If the track is bent inward towards the floor, it can be repaired with pliers or vise grips just by pulling the bent back into place. Even, outward bend needs pliers or hammer to repair it by pushing down. If you will place something atop the outward bend, it will be easier for you to hit the hammer particularly at that point and push the bend part back into place.

Conclusion –

If you want to replace or repair your glass sliding door, consider hiring a professional for sliding door repair in Vancouver of Van City Doors and let us repair your broken sliding doors to avoid further mishaps. We specialize in repairing glass sliding door with wood or aluminum frame and even change or repair the hinges, door closer, pivots, glass door rollers and all kind of locks.

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